EMAX Pagoda II is manufactured according to the Maarten Baert optimized circular polarized antenna design. It consists of 3-layer PCB in which embedded 1 ounce copper foil, replacing the original typical of the wire structure components. This Pagoda II 5.8G antenna has two polarization mode, RHCP and LHCP, RHCP and LHCP stand for "right hand circular polarization" and "left hand circular polarization", you can not mix the two as they are designed to reject the signal from the other. This antenna weighs only 8g, heavy polyolefin heat shrinkable material wrapped to the PCB can well protect PCB.

T-motor p-series motors are capable of working in demanding environment with reliability and long service life.This T-MOTOR P60 motor features low noise,dustproof,waterproof,impact resistant and anti-corrosion.T-motor P60 motors are not only confined in plant protection field,it can also be employed on VTOL planes.It features low noise,dustproof,waterproof and anti-corrosion.


Foxtech is now able to design and 3D print flexible material TPU. Using 3D printers with high accuracy and fast speed, we are able to make almost flawless surfaces with fast printing speed. The printed items are very durable and suitable to be used as protection case, battery holder, camera holder and all other kinds of products that can be used in circumstances encountering collision,tear,shear,stress and high friction. TPU material is widely used in shoes industry due to its extrodinary performance. By 3D printing this material, we are able to design what you need and manufacutre them for you!