New Arrival:

Pixhawk 2.1 is the latest open source autopilot which greatly improved from the previous version Pixhawk in all aspects. Pixhawk 2.1 adopts modular design, so you could chose different carrier boards according to different requirements. Compared with the previous version, anti-jamming and stability of Pixhawk 2.1 are greatly improved.

This Pixhawk2.1 Intel Edison version is ideal for those who are looking for more computing power with Pixhawk 2.1 autopilot. With its dual core atom processor the Edison compute module will have loads of processing power for whatever application you decide to use this autopilot for(computer vision tasks or advanced flight algorithms).

Here+ RTK is centimeter level GNSS position system designed for the pixhawk 2. This module has an industry leading navigation sensitivity of -167dBm.

Here GNSS is compatible with Pixhawk, Pixhawk2.1 and most of the other open source flight controller. This GPS features an integrated GNSS module and a digital compass, a backup battery and LED lights for visible indications of UAV status.

Foxtech is going to fly GAIA 160-Hybrid across sea bay again from Sep.5 to Sep.9! This time the total range is 100km due to traffice control.  We will update the photos and videos on our facebook, you are welcomed to give us suggestions and ideas.