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New Arrival:

FH310IR-TR is a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with a 10X optical zoom camera and an infrared camera.The video output resolution of 10X optical zoom camera is 1080P/60FPS. The thermal camera allows you to see targets in the night and low visible conditions, pixels is 640x480. FH310IR-TR is using the most advanced tracking technology, and it works on both daylight sensor and thermal sensor, so you can track targets freely during daytime and night time. It also could geotag the video streaming and photos, and gimbal Yaw/Pitch angle, height, time information will be displayed on camera OSD, this is really important when you are carrying out missions like rescue and search. 

Nimbus 1800 is a dual rotor long range FPV RC Plane which features quick assembly and disassembly modular design.Nimbus 1800 is widely used in surveillance and security, mapping and surveying, search and rescue, competitions etc.

Nimbus VTOL is a modified version of original Nimbus 1800mm FPV plane. By adding additional tail motor and digital tilting servos, the modified version, Nimbus VTOL is becoming a Tri-copter VTOL with vector Yaw.It can now take off and land vertically like a multicopter, and can fly fast as a fixed wing.It can go waypoints & click-go automatically in either fixed wing or multicopter mode.