Nimbus VTOL Mapping and Image Processing.

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8.5km range 1080P HD video system with tracking antenna. Video resolution is [email protected] Auto tracking antennas can be adjusted automatically to get a better signal and ultra-long communication distance. Latency is less than 100ms. The OSD data, like transmitter voltage, transmitting power, longitude, latitude and height also could be displayed on the monitor.

FH310IR-TR is a 3-axis gimbal with a 10X optical zoom camera and an infrared camera.The video output resolution is [email protected],the pixels of Thermal camera is 640x480.
FH310IR-TR uses the most advanced tracking technology and could work on both daylight sensor and thermal sensor, so you can track targets freely during daytime and night time.
FH310IR-TR could geo-tag the video streaming and photos, the gimbal Yaw/Pitch angle, height, time information also will be displayed on camera OSD, this is really important when you are carrying out missions like rescue and search.