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Nimbus 1800 VTOL FPV Plane-can take off and land vertically like a multicopter, and fly fast as a fixed wing; launch directly from an area as small as 3x3m; can now load a camera and do mapping jobs by designing in ground station.


GAIA 160AG-Agricultural Drone-applied to farming to spraying pesticide in order to help increase crop production. The capacity of pesticide tank is 22.5L, do not need to add pesticide frequently, it will save a lot of your time!

Pixhawk 2.1 is greatly improved from the previous version Pixhawk in all aspects.
Pixhawk 2.1 is applicable for operations in very low temperatures because of the built-in heat generating resistor for temperature-controlled IMU system. Triple redundancy IMU system also makes the flight more securer, greatly improved the reliability, IMU with built-in vibration dampening system which effictively filters high frequency vibration, reducing noise to IMU measurements.