Nimbus 1800 VTOL can now load a Foxtech Map-01 mapping camera and do mapping jobs by designing in ground station.The endurance time is about 1 hour. Equipped with PPK, RTK system, it can achieve centimetre-level accuracy in a photogrammetric map. So Nimbus 1800 VTOL mapping version is good option for higher-quality mapping and survey. Welcome to contact us to learn more details about nimbus VTOL mapping version.

GAIA 160AG Agricultural spraying drone is designed for precision application of liquid pesticides,fertilizers and herbicides. GAIA 160AG can carry up to 23kg of liquid payload with around 18 minutes of flight time for spraying applications. Because of the large liquids load the efficiency of GAIA 160AG is twice as much as other aircraft with 10L payload.

GAIA 100 is a high performance flying platform for aerial photography.The efficiency power system ensures a long flight time and good stability of GAIA 100. The longest mission time is about 50 minutes. GAIA 100 can load with all Foxtech gimbals and  DJI gimbals, like Foxtech seeker series, FH series gimbals, and DJI Zenmuse series gimbals.