Map-01 Mapping Camera
 Main Features

Foxtech Map-01 is an interchangeable lens camera with APS-C sensor, it is a good option for higher-quality mapping and survey.

Foxtech Handheld Ground Station
 Main Features

Now days we are testing a new Handheld Ground Station, which has 14 Channels and supports 15km control range. The Handheld Ground Station is very light only 1.1kg, it supports both Android and Windows system, HDMI in and Wifi output, equipped with industrial datalink module. And the handheld ground station will be released soon. Welcome to follow us to Learn more details!

Foxtech K-Series 2000W Hybrid Edition
 Main Features

A new member of Foxtech K-Series Hexacopter, it is 2000w Hybrid Edition. Now this K-Series 2000w Hybrid Edition is under testing, welcome to follow us to give us suggestions and ideas.

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