FOXTECH 35mm/25mm F5.6 Lens
 Main Features

FOXTECH 35mm F5.6 Full Frame Lens, and 25mm F5.6 lens will be released soon! They are specially designed for mapping cameras to do mapping and survey jobs. The lens features a small size and light weight, 35mm lens is only 87g, and the 25mm f5.6 lens is 75g. The two lenses are suitable for Foxtech Map-01 camera and most od E-mount cameras.

Foxtech Map-A7R Mapping Camera
 Main Features

This is the Foxtech Map-A7R Prototype. The Map-A7R is only 217g, with full frame sensor. Map-A7R can save 30% photos comparing with Map-01 by covering the same operation area. The Map-A7R mapping camera will be released soon, welcome to follow us to learn more latest details.

UAV Show 2018 in Beijing
 Main Features

We were very glad to meet lots of old friends and make many new friends on UAV Show. Thanks all friends for supporting FOXTECH, and welcome to join our "Foxtech Group" sharing and communicating experience in UAV/Survey/Mapping/Aerial photograph and any kind of drone applications.

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