GAIA 190MP-Heavy Lift Drone
 Main Features

GAIA 190MP heavy-lift drone equipped with max U13 motor and high efficiency 34 inch propeller, this heavy-lift drone is able to carry more weight than your typical quadcopter, and the max take-off weight is up to 60kg. We have tested this GAIA 190 heavy-lift drone with 25kg box, it is still very stable in spite of the large payload.

FOXTECH GAIA 190 Flight Test
FOXTECH GAIA 120 Hexacopter
 Main Features

GAIA 120 Hexacopter features small volume, simple structure, high strength and high efficiency. The specially designed fuselage and full carbon fiber structure make the drone light and sturdy, even more durable than GAIA Elite version. GAIA 120 fuselage internal space is large enough for two 6s 22000mah batteries. The flight time of GAIA 120 with two 6s 22000mah batteries is about 55 minutes loading with a seeker 18 camera which weighs about 1kg.

Foxtech Hybrid Drone with 36X Zoom Camera
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