Foxtech Summer Sales
 Main Features

All the orders more than 300 dollars will be shipped together with a Foxtech T-shirt as a souvenir.Please live us message about the shirt size you need.100 T-shirts Limited, First come, first served!

Gaia 160 Hybrid load with FH336-TR Camera
Foxtech Training Courses
 Main Features
  • Foxtech provided hybrid drone courses for Dubai pilots.
  • Foxtech 160 Hybrid Drone.
  • Foxtech Ground Station.
  • FH336-TR Camera with Gimbal.
Indoor Remote Control and Inspection
 Main Features

Foxtech provides Indoor Remote Control and Inspection Solution for Bureau of Public Landscaping. The Drone is Gaia 100, and the All in One Portable Ground Station is GS01 Ground Station.

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