A New Light weight Hybrid Drone!
 Main Features

GAIA 120 arms are upgraded to 1600mm. The new drone features low power dissipation, less fuel consumption and strong power. With 1600mm wheelbase, it weights only 11.5kg(with generator and tank, no fuel). Max. Suggested take off weight is around 16kg.

A Cost-Effective Mapping Camera
 Main Features

Foxtech Map-01 is a higher-quality and cost-effective mapping camera with APS-C sensor. The combination of Nimbus VTOL and Map-01 camera offers an impressive solution for UAV surveying.

NOVA-2400 Generator
 Main Features

NOVA-2400 is a new released generator,which is a high efficiency generator designed for multicopters and VTOL Fixedwings.

  • Generator weight: 4.2kg
  • Continuous Power: 2400w
  • Dimension: 355x319x251mm
  • Max. Taking off weight: 23kg
  • Fuel Consumption: 2.5L/h
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