Li-ion Battery 10% Off
 Main Features

Foxtech 22.2V 6S 9500mAh and 12500mAh Li-ion Battery, feature 3C continuous discharge current, suitable for your long flight time drones.

Foxtech NOVA-2400 Generator
 Main Features

Compared with NOVA-2000, the NOVA-2400 has a new designed exhaust pipe and cooling system, which can greatly enhance the performance of the inner engine. And max taking off weight of Gaia 160 by using this generator reaches 23kg. The continuous output power is 2400w, and it is suitable for high payload or working at high altitude.

FOXTECH GS03 Ground Station
 Main Features

GS03 ground station is a compact and convenient solution for UAV which features a professional layout and functions. The GS03 ground station can realize the function like radio control, data transmittion and video transmittion etc. The ground station can be used to control our GAIA 160 HYBRID drone, there is a three stage switch to control the stop,idle and work mode of generator. And there is also a joy stick, through which you can control the gimbal on your drone.

Map-A7R Setting
30W Lamp with Heatsink and Fan
 Main Features

This is a saving energy 30W lamp which features high brightness and low heat generating,and long service life. The lamp is equipped with Heatsink and Fan,the butterfly-shaped design of the heatsink makes a larger heat dissipation area, which improves the overall heat dissipation performance,avoid LED overheat.The lamp chip is covered by a 120 degrees lens, which can focus light, and make the light looks much brighter.

Gaia 160 Hybrid Drone Application
 Main Features

Foxtech Gaia 160 Hybrid Drone is used for inspecting buoy, illegal vessel and rockfill dam in Navigation Engineering Bureau.Gaia 160 Hybrid drone is steady in extreme weather conditions and has more than 5 hours endurance with 2kg payloads.

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