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 Main Features

When the total purchase of Eagle Hero VTOL over 10 units, each of these orders will enjoy 30% OFF. Share this group buying with your UAV friends NOW!Attend this Group Buying to enjoy 30% off of Eagle Hero VTOL.Welcome to write to [email protected] to register.

Eagle Hero VTOL Flight and Introduction
Oblique Photograph Camera
 Main Features
  • Total Pixel: 24 MP X5= 120MP
  • Dimension: 14.5X14.5X7~13.5cm
  • No Lens Weight: 580g
  • Hot Shoe Signal Trigger
  • Weight with 20+25mm Lens: 930g
  • Weight with 25+35mm Lens: 1030g
Foxtech Nimbus VTOL V2
 Main Features

Foxtech Nimbus VTOL V2 will be released soon! In this version, we updated the tilting servos, when the plane is in multicopter positioning mode, or in Auto mode,during taking off and landing stage, the two tilting motors will tilt to a certain level to compensate the wind, that keeps your plane much stable and also give you much better safety during landing and taking off stage. We also released a new radio-DA16, speccially designed for VTOL like this Nimbus, and other Foxtech series drones. It is 16-channel radio which has datalink and radiolink built inside, so both the datalink and radiolink can reach a range of 5km. There are also many other new features in this new version, so welcome to follow us to learn more details, the Nimbus VTOL V2 will be released soon!

Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm
 Main Features
  • Bright LED display
  • Programmable LV Alarm
  • Ensure a Safe Landing
  • Low voltage alarm mode: 2S-8S
  • Alarm voltage setting range: OFF~2.7-3.8V
6s 2200mAh 80C Lipo Battery
 Main Features
  • Voltage: 22.2V
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Discharge Current: 80C(continuous)
  • Max Discharge Current: 120C(3s)
  • Weight: 360g
Air Speed Meter Pitot Tube
 Main Features
  • Only 22g
  • Aluminum Alloy CNC
  • Can be Fixed on the Plane
PWM Signal Control Power Relay
 Main Features
  • PWM(+5V -) Signal Control
  • Used as Power Switch
  • Weight: 44g
Foxtech NOVA-2400 Generator
 Main Features

Compared with NOVA-2000, the NOVA-2400 has a new designed exhaust pipe and cooling system, which can greatly enhance the performance of the inner engine. And max taking off weight of Gaia 160 by using this generator reaches 23kg. The continuous output power is 2400w, and it is suitable for high payload or working at high altitude.

FOXTECH GS03 Ground Station
 Main Features

GS03 ground station is a compact and convenient solution for UAV which features a professional layout and functions. The GS03 ground station can realize the function like radio control, data transmittion and video transmittion etc. The ground station can be used to control our GAIA 160 HYBRID drone, there is a three stage switch to control the stop,idle and work mode of generator. And there is also a joy stick, through which you can control the gimbal on your drone.

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