Video: 3D Photogrammetry Camera
 Main Features

Foxtech 3DM-MINI 3D photogrammetry camera is used to provide high resolution aerial photos to create 3D model on the city and buildings etc. It is very light, and the total weight including lens is about 791g(nadir lens at 20mm, and oblique lens at 35mm), and with 4 cameras the total weight is only 635g. And the Oblique Camera connected with PPK system can get a very precise 3D model. This Oblique Camera supports High level and Low level Shutter Trigger, and Hot Shoe signal. Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique Camera is a good choice for companies wishing to offer high-quality photogrammetry and map-making to clients.

Nimbus VTOL V2 for Survey and Inspection
 Main Features

Foxtech Nimbus V2 is a Vertical Take-off and Landing airplane, it is a Tri-copter. In this version, we equip new 28kg high speed tilting servos, so the plane can hover like a multicopter more steadily and take off and land in very heavy wind. This Nimbus V2 can be equipped with Foxtech Map-01,Map-01 Lite and Map-A7R mapping cameras to do mapping and survey, and could equipped Nimbus with RTK and PPK system to increase the map precision. And equipped with our new 16-channel radio control-DA16 which has both datalink and radiolink.The max transmittion distance can reach 15-20km with a range booster.

DA16 16-Channel Radio Controller
 Main Features

DA16 16-Channel Radio Controller will be released soon! The DA16 is a new released radio controller for VTOL like Nimbus Mapping version and other Foxtech series drones. It has datalink and radiolink built inside, and can reach max 15km-20km transmission distance. Welcome to follow us to learn more details.

Eagle Hero VTOL
 Main Features

Eagle Hero is a big VTOL that has a 3500mm wingspan. The Eagle Hero VTOL is made of full composite material and features a Honeycomb structure, which makes the VTOL both light and strong. And the quick-detach design also makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. We also accept group buying: when the total purchase of Eagle Hero VTOL over 10 units, each of these orders will enjoy 30% OFF. Welcome to write to [email protected] to register.

FOXTECH GS03 Ground Control Station
 Main Features

GS03 ground station is a compact and convenient solution for UAV which can realize the functions like radio control, data transmittion and video transmittion etc. And all theses functions can be controlled separately. It can be used to control our GAIA 160 HYBRID drone, there is a three stage switch to control the stop, idle and work mode of generator. Also you can control the gimbal on your drone through a joy stick.

Here 2 GNSS(M8N) GPS Unit
 Main Features
  • Faster Response
  • More Accurate Positioning
  • Colorful LED Lights
Pixhawk 2.1 with Here 2 GNSS
 Main Features
  • Triple Redundancy IMU System
  • Greatly Improved Reliability
  • Anti-jamming and Great Stability
GAIA 160AG-Agricultural Spraying Drone
 Main Features

Foxtech GAIA 160AG is a high performance agricultural spaying drone. Because of the large liquids load the efficiency of GAIA 160AG is twice as much as other aircraft with 10L payload. The GAIA 160AG supports both manual and automatic flight, it can achieve automatic spraying by the planned flight paths.

NOVA-2400 Generator System
 Main Features
  • For High Payload
  • Suitable for Working at High Altitude
  • 2400W Continuous Output
GAIA 160 Elite Hybrid Drone
 Main Features

GAIA 160 Elite is both lighter and stronger.The max flight time of GAIA 160 Elite is up to 6 hours. With 5kg payload, the flight time is more than 100 minutes(Fuel 2kg).

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