GAIA 160 Series Drone Special Offer
Nimbus VTOL Gray Version
 Main Features

Nimbus VTOL Gray Version is released. The new Nimbus is painted in gray color and looks more professional.

Foxtech PG20 Dual Battery Swapping Board
 Main Features

PG20 Dual Battery Swapping Board is a new power governer device for Nimbus VTOL V2. It increased at least 30% flight time of Nimbus VTOL. And we did 100 minutes flying time by using this PG20,the flying speed is 18m/s. Nimbus VTOL equipped with PG20 battery swapping board can complete 8 square kilometer area mapping job in a single flight.

FH230 TR 
 Main Features

FH230 TR 30X Optical Zoom Camera with 2-axis Gimbal is released! The 2-Axis gimbal is suitable for fixedwings and features high stability compared with 3-Axis gimbal. The 30X zoom camera offers 1080P 60FPS full HD video output. With onboard object tracking module, the zoom camera is able to track static or moving target easily. The 2-axis gimbal can not only be controlled via PWM signal, but also serial command. Also gimbal status like Yaw, Pitch, zoom can be obtained by sending serial command to the gimbal via its serial port.

DA16 16-Channel Radio Controller
 Main Features

DA16 radio controller is designed for VTOL like Nimbus Mapping version and other Foxtech series drones. It has both datalink and radiolink built inside, and the standard transmission distance is 5km. Welcome to follow us to learn more details.It also could be equipped with range booster to extend the RC range and data transmittion distance.

TTA M6E Agriculture Spraying Drone
 Main Features

TTA M6E Agriculture Spraying Drone is an economic integrated solution for all agriculture spraying services. This drone features waterproof, long flight time, low maintenance cost, light weight and high-strength body. The high power brushless motors guarantee the agility and flexibility. The quick folding arms, specially designed spray nozzles and pump guarantee quick deployment and high working efficiency.

Foxtech Map-02 Mapping Camera
 Main Features

Foxtech Map-02 is a very light and small mapping camera, which is only 115g. It features APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor and 24.3 MP. It is a good option for higher-quality mapping and survey. The trigger mode of Map-02 is low level trigger, and supports hot shoe signal, so this Map-02 mapping camera could be connected with PPK system to ensure a centimeter-level accuracy. Foxtech Map-02 camera is a good choice for companies wishing to offer high-quality surveys to clients.

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