Restock: Foxtech Map-01 Mapping Camera
 Main Features

Foxtech Map-01 is an interchangeable lens camera for higher-quality mapping and survey, which features APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor and 24.3 MP. The trigger mode of Map-01 is PWM trigger, and supports hot shoe signal, so this Map-01 mapping camera could be connected with PPK system to ensure a centimeter-level accuracy.

GAIA 160 Series Drone Special Offer
Group Buying: Eagle Hero VTOL
 Main Features
  • 3500mm Wingspan
  • 2 Hours Endurance
  • Dual Battery Power
  • Quick-detach Design
  • Honeycomb Structure
  • Max 16kg Take-off Weight
TTA M6E Agriculture Spraying Drone
 Main Features

TTA M6E Agriculture Spraying Drone is an economic integrated solution for all agriculture spraying services. This drone features waterproof, long flight time, low maintenance cost, light weight and high-strength body. The high power brushless motors guarantee the agility and flexibility. The quick folding arms, specially designed spray nozzles and pump guarantee quick deployment and high working efficiency.

Foxtech K170 Hexacopter Frame
 Main Features

K170 Hybrid hexacopter is released after rigorous mechanical analysis, and it features very simple structure and light weight, the weight with on payload is only 13kg. K170 is an industry leading multicopter, the max flight time of which is about 6 hours. The max take-off weight of this K170 is 25kg.

How to Install Tilt System for Nimbus
Nimbus Mapping VTOL Grey Version
Video: DA16 Radio Operation
 Main Features

DA16 radio controller is designed for VTOL like Nimbus Mapping version and other Foxtech series drones. It has both datalink and radiolink built inside, and the standard transmission distance is 5km. Welcome to follow us to learn more details. It could be equipped with RB20 range booster to extend the RC range and data transmittion distance.

RB20 820MHz-845MHz Range Booster
 Main Features

RB20 range booster can help to get a long communicate range, the max communicate range is 15-30km, and it depending on what kind of antenna are you going to use with this range booster. Equipped with this RB20 Range booster and Foxtech 840-915MHz 7dBi magnetic base antenna DA16 radio controller can reach max range of 20km.

Foxtech PG20 Dual Battery Swapping Board
 Main Features

PG20 Dual Battery Swapping Board is a new power governer device for Nimbus VTOL V2. It increased at least 30% flight time of Nimbus VTOL. And we did 100 minutes flying time by using this PG20,the flying speed is 18m/s. Nimbus VTOL equipped with PG20 battery swapping board can complete 8 square kilometer area mapping job in a single flight.

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