Nimbus VTOL DA16 Combo with RTK/PPK
 Main Features

Nimbus VTOL DA16 Combo with RTK/PPK System is a Professional UAV Solution for centimeter accuracy surveying and mapping. Equip Nimbus with RTK/PPK system, it can achieve the precision of centimeter level in a photogrammetric map. After the flight, you can generate an accurate photogrammetric model using a software like Pix4D, Smart3D or Photoscan. This combo will enable you to generate a topographic survey quickly and cost effectively. And coupled with Map-02 or Map-A7R, the Nimbus VTOL DA16 Combo with RTK/PPK System will be the best choice for companies wishing to offer high-quality survey to clients.

Foxtech Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer
 Main Features

Portable RF spectrum analyzer is used to test the spectrum distribution of the signal. It can detect real-time spectrum, frequency chromatogram and spectrum thermal diagram within the frequency range 240MHz-960MHz or 10MHz-2.7GHz. The spectrum analyzer also can be used to test the power of the wireless device, check the surrounding interference frequency and the degree of the interference.

1400MHz 12dbi Yagi Antenna
 Main Features
  • Frequency: 1450±40MHZ
  • Gain: 12dBi
  • Bandwidth: 80MHZ
  • Weight: 500g
1450MHz 11dbi GRP Antenna
 Main Features
  • Frequency Range: 1450±40MHz
  • Bandwidth: 80MHz
  • Gain: 11dbi
  • Weight: 2kg
GAIA 160HY Hybrid Drone
Nimbus VTOL with Oblique Mapping Cameras
DVL-C Video Transmission system with Camera
 Main Features

DVL-C is a long range video transmission system with camera. It features low power consumption, low latency and long distance. DVL-C HD video transmission system is based on 5G frequency and with a 3km range. The output power of DVL-C is adjustable from 25mw to 800mw.

FOXTECH VHD-40 Video Transmission System
 Main Features

VHD-40 is a long range HD video transmission system. This video system features long transmission distance, great image quality and low latency. The Max video transmission distance is about 40km. VHD-40 video system supports [email protected] HDMI output and RJ45 Ethernet output. By using VHD-40 video system, the video stream can be distributed via Ethernet and can be transmitted live on YouTube, Facebook, also can be observed through cellphone in real time.

FH325 4K 25X Optical Zoom Camera
 Main Features

FH325 4K 25X Optical Zoom camera has 20.4 mega effective pixels, supports 25X optical autofocus, [email protected]/1080P25 video record and 1080P/60fps HDMI output for HD video transmission back to the ground. FH325 supports max 256G SD card. FH325 features small size, compact structure and light weight, only 666g. 4K makes your HD video look better. In addition to sharper, crisper images, color data is better and easier to grade.

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