T12 Radio Controller

T12 is an integrated remote controller supports data, video transmission and remote control. The working frequency of T12 is 2.4G, transmission power is 100mw. T12 adopts FHSS tecnology, the video and data transmission distance is about 10km. The remote controller has an built-in 4000mAh battery, the working time is about 25hours. T12 is waterproof and dustproof, and features high expansibility, supports multiple interface like S.BUS,PPM,PWM and serial port. 

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FOXTECH GAIA 160S 3D Mapping Combo

GAIA 160S is a battery-powered drone with 110 minutes duration. The fuselage internal space is large enough for four 6s 16000mah li-ion batteries. The flight time of GAIA 160S with four 6s 16000mah batteries is about 110 min, and the max take-off weight is about 20kg. With two 6s 30000mah li-ion batteries GAIA 160S can fly 2 hours.

The light fuselage, big wheelbase and powerful system make GAIA 160S a high efficiency drone with long duration and better loading capacity. GAIA 160S loading a 3DM V3 Oblique Camera can do mapping jobs instead of GAIA 160 hybrid drone, the max flight time is about 98 minutes. 

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VDC-7/VDC-15 Long Range Video/Data/RC Transmission System

VDC-7/VDC-15 is highly integrated data transmission system which has RC, datalink and videolink built inside. It has 7km version and 15km version. The frequency and power of VDC-7/VDC-15 data transmission system can be set through software according to your need. VDC-7/VDC-15 support 3 frequency range: 800M(806~825); 1.4G(1430~1444); 2.4G(2408~2480). VDC-7/VDC-15 features light weight, low power consumption, long distance and low latency, video resolution is 1080p @60/50/30. It is suitable for UAV and other data/video/rc transmission applications.

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