5 H Endurance With 5 KG Payload VTOL

No matter if you are a green hand or a professional user of hybrid VTOL, Eagle-360 with its impressive long flight time and payload capacity can be the perfect choice for you.
Just think about how easy the mission can be, if you don’t need to adjust the air/fuel ratios every time you fly it at different altitudes, if you can get rid of the compass calibration before every flight, if you can check out how the engine and the motors are working in the air in real time, Eagle-360 can help fix them all with its EFI engine, dual GPS configuration, ESC telemetry function and RPM measuring function.
Come and check it out at a satisfying price on foxtechfpv.com.

New Version of H-wing with 3-axis 4K gimbal!

Main features:
– 1 H flight time and max 45 km long distance
– High-resolution super stable VTOL
– 8 KM radio control capability with 1080P display
– immersive flight with professional goggles