The flight time is not satisfying enough but the payload space doesn’t support another battery?
Try this Diamond High voltage semi-solid-state li-ion battery with 15C high discharge rate and max 275 Wh/kg energy density.
Now VTOLs including AYK-250, AYK-320, and Baby Shark 260 have already equipped Diamond HV series batteries and gained longer flight time. According to our test, AYK-250 using 2* 6S 32000 mAh or 1* 12S 32000 mAh has 30 min longer flight time than that using 2* 6S 25000 mAh.

A new expansion module designed and developed by Foxtech technician will be released recently.
This module contains three Ethernet ports, two serial ports, one SBus port and one power supply interface.
With the expansion module, a few functions can be achieved, such as prolonging the RC communication distance, sharing the videolink signal, receiving multiple mission payload signals, etc.

ESC for Eagle-360 & AYK-320 with ESC telemetry is now available!
This ESC module can filter out shakes and noises caused by the rotation of propellers so that the attitude measurement is more precise and the flight is smoother.
ESC telemetry, i. e. transfer ESC and motor working status, including the temperature of ESC, the voltage, current, and RPM of the motors, to the operator, helps the operator with checking the working condition of the propulsion system in real-time, and enjoy a safer flight.