AYK-320 VTOL is Coming Soon!

-Max 4H Endurance (no payload), 3H [email protected].
-Highly integrated airspeed sensor, dual temperature control system to prevent freezing.
-ESC Telemetry, greatly increases flight stability and safety.
-5 carbon fiber propellers, better dynamic balance, reducing resonance and vibration.
-The decurved design of VTOL arm greatly reduces resistance during the flight.
-The upturned tail is designed to reduce induced drag from the tail airflow.
-The long, narrow fuselage and T-tail design ensure a large climb and descent angle.

Portable RTK Module & LiDAR Backpack!

S-RTK100 is a multi-function portable RTK module, which supports major GNSS and can provide real-time differential data to obtain centimeter-level 3D data.

S-PACK100 backpack is an all-in-one expansion platform designed for the SLAM100 LiDAR, which supports RTK module and panoramic camera expansion, with the backpack the operation efficiency can be significantly improved.