The landing stage is usually a challenging and critical maneuver of any flight due to the proximity to the ground. During this maneuver, there are many different factors that may influence and lead the platform to a hard touchdown that may cause structural failures such as crosswinds or altitude sensor failures.

Recently, we are designing the parachute compartment for VTOLs to realize parachute landing, which is intended for emergency landing and rescue of the UAV in case of destruction, failure of the autopilot, as well as cases when normal flight is impossible. Welcome to follow us for more details!

MK32 Handheld Ground Station

● Max 15KM Transmission Range
● 16 Physical Channels, 16 Communication Channels
● 7-inch High Definition & Brightness  LCD Touchscreen
● Android 9.0 OS & 4G RAM & 64G ROM
● Abundant Interface & Powerful Expandability
● Dual Operator RC Relay 
● Dual HD Digital Image Transmission System

Foxtech pays attention to the quality control of each component.
Our technicians invest many hours of flight testing in customers’ orders to ensure its quality and guarantee a good user experience. Each product will be tested strictly before shipping