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CUAV V5 nano Flight Controller

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CUAV V5 nano flight controller applies to variety of UAV, such as fixed wing, multicopter, helicoper, VTOL, unmanned vehicle and rover, etc. It has the advantage of lightweight and simple size, which makes it meet the compact installation requirement. And it is also equipped with a high performance STM32F 765 processing chip and four sets of full interface isolation protection chips to avoid problems of electrostatic breakdown and IO level incompatible breakdown master. It features built-in five sets of sensors, the flight controller real-time monitors the data of multi-sensor. Once something goes wrong, it will perform redundancy conversion immediately, improving flight safety and stability. CUAV V5 nano flight controller supports PX4 and Ardupilot two open source platform firmware, which can meet the needs of different customers. Customized 2. 6mm pitch I0 help V5 nano flight controller to solve the problem that multiple interfaces is crowded and difficult to disassemble and assemble.



Size: 57x34x17mm  

Weight: 40g

Hardware parameters:

Processor: STM32F427


Accelerometer: ICM-20608

Gyro: ICM-20608

Compass: HMC5983

Barometer: MS5611


Mavlink UART: 2 (with hardware flow control)



Remote control signal input protocol: PPM / SBUS / DSM / DSM2

RSSI input: PWM or 3.3 analog voltage

I2C: 1

CAN standard bus: 1

ADC input: 6.6V X1

PWM output: standard 6 PWM IO

Working environment and physical parameters:

Operating voltage: 4.5 ~ 5.5 V

USB input voltage: 5.0 V ±0.25v

Servo input voltage: 4.8 ~ 5.4V

Operating temperature: -20 ~ 60°c


Your Purchase Includes:

1xCUAV V5 nano Autopilot

2xI2C/CAN cable

1xI2C expansion board

1xADC6.6 cable

1xADC3.3 cable

1xRSSI cable

1xDSM signal cable

1xSBUS signal cable

1xDebug cable

1xPower detection cable

1xVoltage and current cable

2xDuPont cable

1xSafety switch

1xPW-LINK module

1xUSB-TYPC cable

1x16G memory card



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