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CUAV X7&X7 Pro Flight Controller with NEO V2 Pro GNSS

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CUAV X7&X7 Pro is an advanced autopilot independently designed by CUAV. It uses a higher-performance STM32H7 processor and integrates industrial-grade sensors and ultra-low temperature drift sensors. Compared with the previous flight controller, it has better performance and more reliability. This board can run ArduPilot firmware perfectly, and it will also be compatible with PX4 firmware. X7&X7 Pro is ideal for industrial drones.

The difference between X7 and X7 Pro is the sensor. X7 Pro uses ADIS16470 sensor. And the front logo has the word of Pro. Other appearance and size are the same with X7.

Based on UAVCAN communication protocol, CUAV NEO V2 Pro is a GNSS positioning system that integrates industrial-grade compass, barometer, flight controller status light, buzzer, and safety switch in one, featuring high anti-interference capability equipped with industrial grade RM3100 sensor. The built-in high precision barometer adapts to different application scenarios. NEO V2 Pro adopts dual filtering design, effectively filtering out the interference singal from remote controllers, digital transmission, and 4G signals on GPS positioning reception.


Flight Controller Features:

• Internal shock absorption

• Modular design, can be DIY carrier board

• Support USB_HS, download logs faster

• Support more dshot output

• Support IMU heating, make the sensor work better

• Dedicated uavcan battery port

• 3 sets of IMU sensors



CUAV X7/X7 Pro:

• Weight: 106g

• Dimensions: 77*45.5*39mm

• Operating temperature: -20 ~ 80°c(Measured value)

• Main FMU Processor: STM32H743

• On-board sensors(X7):

    Accelerometer/Gyroscope: ICM-20689

    Accelerometer/Gyroscope: ICM-20649

    Accelerometer/Gyroscope: BMI088

    Magnetometer: RM3100

    Barometer: MS5611*2

• On-board sensors(X7 Pro):

    Accelerometer/Gyroscope: ICM-20689

    Accelerometer/Gyroscope: ADIS16470

    Accelerometer/Gyroscope: BMI088

    Magnetometer: RM3100

    Barometer: MS5611*2

• Interfaces:

    14 PWM outputs (12 supports Dshot)

    Support multiple RC inputs (SBUs / CPPM / DSM)

    Analogue / PWM RSSI input

    2 GPS ports(GPS and UART4 ports)

    4 i2c buses(Two i2c dedicated ports)

    2 CAN bus ports

    2 Power ports(Power A is common adc interface, Power C is uavcan battery interface)

    2 ADC intput

    2 USB ports (Type C and gh 1.25)

• Power System:

    Power: 4.3~5.4V

    USB Input: 4.75~5.25V

Servo Rail Input: 0~36V


NEO V2 Pro:

Size: 60x60x16mm(without stand)

Weight: 33g(without stand)

Hardware parameters

Processor: STM32F417M

Compass: RM3100

Barometer: MS5611

GNSS receiver: UBLOX M8N

Concurrently: GPS/QZSS L1 C/A,

                      Glonass L10F,

                      BeiDou B1I,

                      Galileo E1B/C,

                      SBAS L1 C/A:

                      WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN

Navigation update rate: 10HZ (Max)

Position accuracy: 2M

Acquisition: Cold start 26S

                   Hot start 1S

                   Aided start 2S

Sensitivity: Tracking and nav.-167dBM

                  Cold start, Hot start -148dBM


Communication protocol: UAVCAN

Firmware upgrade: Support

Flight controller support: Ardupilot/PX4*

Interface Type: GHR-04V-S

Input voltage: 4.7~5.2V

Operating temperature: -10~70℃


Your Purchase Includes:

1x X7/X7 Pro Flight Controller

2x I2C/CAN Cable

1x ADC3.3 Cable

1x RSSI Cable

1x CAN PMU SE Power Module

1x Dupont Cable

1x CAN Expansion Board

1x PW-link Module with cable

1x USB-TypeC Cable

1x 16GB Memory Card

1x NEO V2 Pro Module

1x GPS Stand

1x CAN Connect cable

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