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DA16S+ Radio Controller with RB20 Signal Relay System

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The DA16S+ 16-channel radio controller supports all RC Models including fixedwings, helicopters, multirotors etc. DA16S+ radio controller has both datalink and radiolink built inside, and both the datalink and radiolink can reach a range of 8km. In order to extend the RC and Data transmission range, we released RB20 signal relay.

RB20 902MHz-928MHz Signal Relay is designed to work with radio controller like DA16S+ to achieve the long range requirements. In this RB20 box, the RB20 ground unit is connected to DA16S receiver worked as a signal relay, and can realize max 15-40km communicate range, it also depends on what kind of antenna are you going to use with this signal relay. Equipped with RB20 signal relay and 7dBi antenna, DA16S+ radio controller can reach max range of 20km, and with 12dBi magnetic base antenna the range is about 40km.

The radio also has the Bluetooth function, which can send the data to your cellphone or laptop, so you can see all parameters or setting on you cellphone or laptop. The signal relay and remote control can be separated during the operation to protect the operator from the extreme hot or cold weather, it means that you can control the drone in your car and put the signal relay on the car roof.

The RB20 signal relay box has cooling fun for heat dissipation, and also can display the voltage in real time. But please charge the RB20 signal relay in time to ensure the voltage is not lower than 14V.




Transmission Distance: 5km

Working Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Transmitting radio power: 27dbm
Channel: 16 Channel
Bluetooth Pairing Password: 1234
Admin Password: 8888
Size: 194.5x172.5x114mm
Weight: 610g
Battery: 4000 mAh 1S Lipo
Charging: Micro USB 5V 2A

DA16S+ Receiver:

Signal Output: 16-channel S.Bus, 9-channel PPM/PWM
FC Connecting Port: UART
Size: 51x38x14mm
Weight: 22g
Working Voltage: 5V-8.4V
Working Temperature: -10℃-55℃

RB20 Signal Relay:

Work Frequency:  902MHz-928MHz
Weight(Air unit): 60g
Working Voltage: 12V
Channel: 1-8
Current: 300mA(12V power supply)
Operating Temperature: -20 to +70℃
Antenna: 5dBi rod antenna

Your Purchase Includes:

1x DA16S+ Remote Controller
2x DA16S+ Receiver Antenna
1x RB20 Signal Relay(Gound)
1x RB20 Air Unit
1x RB20 Air Unit Antenna
1x RB20 Ground Unit Antenna
1x 902MHZ-928MHZ 7dbi Antenna
1x DA16S+ Data Cable
1x DA16S+ Charge Cable
2x RB20 Air Unit Data Wire
1x RB20 Signal Relay Charge Cable
1x USB Adapter
1x DA16S+ Radio Controller Strap

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