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Carbon Fiber Adapter Main Cover(TL100B03)

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Product Description:
Applicable the oversized one meter wheelbase fixed eight-axle vehicle rack TL100B01 overall use of the 3K pure imported Toray carbon fiber
Woven CNC precision machining prefabricated by high temperature and high pressure, the 2.0 thickness pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber plate quality beyond conventional
Commercially available products. Flatness, light weight, and creep resistance, high compressive strength and shock resistance, and overall performance
Beyond the requirements of the national standards, a high strength carbon fiber strip board performance. The overall design has a strong
Perspective of the impact of the effect. Cover all M3 head nut self-locking in the carbon fiber board, without using a wrench to tighten. Its thread
The structure of the unique design of the self-locking thread technology, has excellent resistance to lateral vibration, from the fundamental solution to
Ordinary standard thread loosening under vibration.

Pure carbon fiber on the main cover (250x240x2.0mm) x1
Pure carbon fiber under the body of the cover plate (250x240x2.0mm) x1
Weight: 220g

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