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Eagle Hero VTOL ARF Combo

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The Eagle Hero VTOL has been discontinued. Click to learn more about Great Shark 330 VTOL.


Eagle Hero is a big VTOL that has a 3500mm wingspan. The Eagle Hero VTOL is made of full composite material and features a Honeycomb structure, which makes the VTOL both very light and strong. And the quick-detach design also makes it easy to assemble and disassemble in the field.

The Eagle Hero VTOL has a very big inner space for one 8S 8000mAh LiPo battery and one 6S 56000mAh Li-ion battery. The 8000mAh LiPo is for the four lifting motors and the 56000mAh battery is for the push motor. Take-off weight of this big VTOL is 9kg, so the Eagle Hero can fly at a high speed with very low power consumption. The max take-off weight of Eagle Hero is about 15kg, with 15kg weight the VTOL can reach 2 hours endurance. With 2 hours flight time it can cover a big area. The Eagle Hero can fly at a very high speed, the highest speed is about 110km/h, and the cruising speed is about 20m/s. And it can launch directly from an area as small as 5x5m.

With a 1.5kg payload the Eagle Hero VTOL can load various zoom cameras like Foxtech series zoom cameras: optical zoom camera and infrared zoom camera. This aircraft can be equipped with advanced control system, rtk gps, ppk system to do mapping jobs at centimeter level; and also could load a zoom camera to do long range inspection coupled with long range video system and control system.



Wingspan: 3500mm
Length: 1610mm
Height: 300mm
Wing area: 70dm2
Max Take-off weight: 15kg
Take-off weight: 9kg(w/o battery, payload)
Max load: 6kg (included battery)
Endurance: 2 hours(15kg take-off weight)
Cruising speed: 20m/s 
Max speed: 110km/h
Stall speed: 18m/s
Battery: 12S 5000mAh, 6S 40000mAh-60000mAh
Take-off/landing: VTOL



- Full composite material, Honeycomb structure
- Industry Standard Tough Structure
- Dual battery power, more safe
- Compatible with full-featured PC ground station, and open source autopilot system
- Easy for assemble in the field

Your Purchase Includes:

Lite Version ARF Combo:

1x Eagle Hero VTOL Lite Version Frame
1x 5322 KV430 Thrust Motor
1x 100A ESC
1x 18x8 Propeller for Thrust Propeller
4x Servo
4x 6212 KV180  Motor
4x 80A ESC
2x 2055 Lift Propeller

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