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Expansion Module for DJI Flight Controller

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This is a new expansion module for DJI A3, A3 Pro, N3 flight controller, providing a DJI long range control solution for mapping, survey and inspection, which breaks the previous distance limitation!

In addition to keeping the safety and stability of DJI's extraordinary industrial-grade flight controller, by using this expansion module, your drones also can be compatible with the third-party uav accessories such as long-range video and data transmission system, gimbal and zoom camera, RTK system etc. as well as a variety of loading equipment. And use a powerful ground station system like QGC to plan route, realize one-key take off and one-key returning. The expansion module is very light about 120g.

By using this expansion module, Foxtech DA16S+ long-range radio controller can work with DJI A3 Pro flight controller instead of lightbridge 2 to reach a longer transmission range, up to 8km.


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1x Expansion Module for DJI Flight Controller


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