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FH312-TIR 12X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal-Free Shipping

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FH312-TIR is a high stabilized 3-axis gimbal equipped with a 12X 1080P optical zoom night vision camera and one IR LASER beamlight. The 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology features high stability, accuracy and sensitive control.

The FH312-TIR uses starlight class ultra low light sensor that’s as low as to 0.005 lux, and with the help of IR Lase beamlight, the FH312-TIR can even see things in absolute dark condition(0 lux)

The FH312-TIR is equipped with a 12X optical zoom camera with digital zoom function , you can use it either onboard a drone or just on the ground for night patrol over a long distance.

FH312-TIR 3-axis gimbal offers 2 smart speed modes: Fast speed mode is used for small zooming range, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. LOW speed mode is used for large zoom range, which will enable you to target the object more accurately. 

FH312-TIR is equipped with an Auto Object Track Module(AOTM), which will enable to track both static and moving objects very easily. Just put the object you want to track in the screen, move the cursor to the object and lock it via controller, and then the camera will track it automatically.

FH312-TIR supports HDMI video output, so you can choose to use HD video link like skysight, DVL-1, lightbridge, Connex or Insight. FH312-TIR is very useful for different industrial applications where you need both camera zooming and high definition photos at night, like power line and infrastructure inspection. 



Working voltage: 3S-6S(12V)
IDDQ: [email protected]
IDDT: [email protected]
Size: 163x164x158mm
Weight: 1265g
Pitch: -90°to +90°
Roll: -85°to +85°
Yaw: -150°to +150°
Angular Vibration Range:
Pitch & Roll: 0.02°Yaw: 0.03°
Working temperature: -10~+50 °C
One-key to center


High image quality: IMX185-1/1.9" 2 megapixel CMOS sensor
Video output resolution: 1080P HDMI Output
Video formats: 1080p/25,1080p/30
Focus speed: <1s
Daily/night function(on, off, automatic)
Multiple white balance modes
Support starlight class ultra low illumination:
[email protected](color),[email protected](black and white),0Lux(IR)
The signal-to-noise ratio>55dB
Picture special effects:
electronic flip, black and white, mirror image, 
image GAMMA, electronic fog, digital wide dynamic


Valid distance: ≥500m
Lighting wavelength: 850±10nm(940nm,980nm)
Lighting angle: Electric continuous zoom ,70°~2.0°adjustable
Zoom time: 2s (Near angle, far angle)
Laser chip power:2±0.2W
Lighting angle:
Far angle 2.0°: Finite distance ≥500m, spot diameter<20m
Near angle 70°: Finite distance>40m
Working voltage: DC12V±10%
Total power consumption: <11W
Control mode: PWM/TTL command control
Communication mode: UART_TTL
Communication protocol: Pelco_D protocol (9600bps)
Working temperature: -20℃~+80℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~+80℃


Your Purchase Includes:

1x FH312-TIR 12X optical zoom night vision camera
1x FH312 3-axis Gimbal
1x Screw pack
4x Copper pillar
12x Damper 

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