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FOXTECH GAIA 120 Hexacopter Frame

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FOXTECH GAIA 120 Hexacopter is released! GAIA 120 Hexacopter is a new member of Foxtech GAIA series drone.

GAIA 120 features small volume, simple structure, high strength and high efficiency. The specially designed fuselage and full carbon fiber structure make the drone light and sturdy, even more durable than GAIA Elite version. And the whole body features an advanced aerodynamic design and performance. The arm quick locking hooks design and quick-detach landing gear make it convenient for storage and easy to transport. Now the drone's wheelbase is 1200mm, we also support wheelbase upgrade from 1200 to 1600mm in the future.

GAIA 120 hexacopter is equipped with high efficiency power system including U8 lite kv150 motor, flame 60A ESC and Supreme 22inch propeller. As for the propeller, both 22inch propeller and 23inch foldable propeller are suitable. And the fuselage internal space is large enough for two 6s 22000mah batteries. The flight time of GAIA 120 with two 6s 22000mah batteries is about 55 minutes loading with a seeker 18 camera which weighs about 1kg.

The light fuselage, big wheelbase and powerful system make it a high efficiency drone with better loading capacity and long flight time. So GAIA 120 is a high-quality flying platform for aerial photography, search and rescue, power line inspection and survey etc.

GAIA 120 hexacopter can load with all Foxtech series zoom cameras, like Foxtech Seeker-30 TIR, FH336-TR, FH310IR-TR zoom cameras. and the DJI cameras and gimbals. 



Version: Gaia 120
Wheelbase: 1200mm
Frame Weight: 2.15kg
Take-off Weight: 5kg(without battery)
Flight Time: 55mins(with seeker 18 camera)
Payload: 1kg (55mins flight time)
Battery: 2x 6s 22000mah

Your Purchase Includes:

-1x GAIA 120 Frame
-1x GAIA 120 Landing Gear



gaia 120

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