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Foxtech RDD-6 Fire Extinguisher Ball Release and Drop Device For Fire Fighting

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The traditional fire fighting method is sometimes restraint by some factors, like rough terrains or other unfavorable site conditions that are making it impossible for fire trucks or too dangerous for fire fighters to approach the fire scene, and as a result, people die and buildings get burnt down. 


Fortunately, Foxtech RDD-6 Fire Extinguisher Ball Release and Drop Device For Fire Fighting can solve that problem. It is originally designed for fire fighting, whether it’s forest fire, or ones that happen in chemical plants, a cruising large ship, or residential areas, as long as it can reach the destination, it can be put into use. Later on, derived from its former use, it is applied to more other fields like military application, medical supplies transport, emergency food delivery or it can even throw life jackets, LED lights to drowning victims on condition that the supplies that are going to be released are packed in round-shape containers.


It is made of 7075 aviation aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, which gives the main body a firm supporting structure while remains light. It has two servos that enable the device to have two release mode: single and double release. Its fast reload design allows people to take an instant and effective measure in fire fighting, thus reducing casualties and property loss.


Combined with GAIA 160/190MP-Heavy Lift Drone, it is the perfect choice for fire fighting, for it can be loaded under the drone with a maximum number of 6 fire extinguisher balls. What’s even better, 1km operation range makes it possible for fire fighters to perform the task without having to risk his life with a higher working efficiency.


Using VD16 Radio Controller which includes a camera with searchlight, it achieves better results in fire fighting and supplies delivery.


Note: Foxtech RDD-6 will be shipped 7 days later after the order is made, please contact customer service staff for specific delivery date.



-Light and durable

-Two servos: Single/double release

-Fast reload design

-6-ball loading capacity



Fire fighting: forest fire, military applications, fire control in chemical plants, large ships, or residential areas, etc.

Other fields: military application, medical supplies transport, emergency food delivery or marine delivery(packed in round-shape containers),etc.



Frame weight: 1.7kg(no payload)

Size: 470mm 317mm 291mm

Material: 7075 Aviation aluminum alloy, Carbon fiber

Power supply mode: On-board DC-DC

Working voltage: 24 V

Matching drone type: GAIA 160MP, GAIA 190MP

Signal input: PWM input

Default control range: 800m(can be expanded by better RC)

Load capacity: 6*fire extinguisher balls

Ball size and weight: 150mm(1.3kg)

Release mode: Single/double release

Suggested release height: 5-50m

Response time:3-5s

Fire extinguishing range: 3 m2 / ball(just for reference)

Working Temperature: -10 ℃~ +70℃


Specifications(6-Channel Radio Controller):

Size: 180mm 82mm 161mm

Weight: 392g

Operation range: 1km

Input voltage: 6V(1.5V*4)

Signal output: PS2 interface, PPM

Working frequency: 2.4055-2.475GHz

Band width: 500kHz

Channel: 6 Channel

Transmitter output power: ≤ 20dBm

Low voltage alert: ≤ 4.2V

Charging: Battery powered

Antenna length: 2 226mm(dual antenna)


Your Purchase Includes(fire extinguisher balls not included) :

1 x Foxtech RDD-6

1 x 6-Channel Radio Controller



VD16 16-Channel Radio Controller(SD Version)


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