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  1. Foxtech Brushless Motor SE2205 KV2300 (2pcs CW/CCW)

    Foxtech Brushless Motor SE2205 KV2300 is special design for FPV racing drone, and has powerful 1.1kg thrust with hollow shaft with screw to fix the shaft.


  2. Foxtech 2205 KV2300 V2 Brushless Motor

    Foxtech 2205 KV2300 V2 Brushless  Motor has very good reliability and durability. It is suitable for Screamer 250 pentacopter and most of other racing copters.

    - Configuration: 12N14P
    - Cell count: 3-4S
    - Max Thrust: 680g
    - Shaft: 3mm
    - Propeller: 5"
    - KV: 2300kv
    - Length: 31.7mm
    - Diameter: 27.9mm
    - Weight: 29g

  3. Foxtech  BE2208 V2 KV2500 Brushless Motor
    Foxtech BE2208 V2 2500KV brushless motor is suitable for high speed racing copters. Adopting 0.2mm lamination stators, N42SH neodymium magnets and NSK bearings, this motor features in big thrust, high temperature resistance and low vibration. It's compatible with 5" or 6" propellers. Foxtech BE2208 2500KV brushless motor is the best choice for your racing copters!
  4. M600 6010 Power Combo(CCW)
    6010 Motor,DJI Genuine,no label,1240S Pro ESC,R2170 Propeller,CCW
  5. M600 6010 Power Combo(CW)
    6010 Motor,DJI Genuine,no label,1240s Pro ESC,R2170 Propeller,CW
  6. Foxtech MR2304 2100KV Brushless Motor
    Foxtech,brushless motor,MR2304,KV2150,KV2100,mini multicopter,racing quadcopter,racing drone,4S,fast speed drone
  7. Foxtech Brushless Motor BE2208 KV2500
    Foxtech,Brushless Motor,BE2208,KV2500,multicopter
  8. Foxtech S8120 KV90 Brushless Motor
    Foxtech,S8120 KV90, Brushless Motor,2880
  9. Foxtech Motor S4010(New W4822)
    Foxtech,brushless motor,S4010,high efficiency,dynamic balance

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