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  1. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(12x4.5)
    Foxtech,carbon fiber,high efficiency,multirotor,Foxtech,supreme,1245 propeller,Compound core
  2. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(13x4.5)
    Foxtech,carbon fiber,high efficiency,multirotor,Foxtech,supreme,1345 propeller,Compound core
  3. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(14x5.0)
    Foxtech,carbon fiber,high efficiency,multirotor,Foxtech,supreme,1450 propeller,Compound core
  4. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(15x5.0) V2
    Foxtech,carbon fiber,high efficiency,multirotor,Foxtech,supreme,1550 propeller,Compound core
  5. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(16x6.0)
    Foxtech,carbon fiber,high efficiency,multirotor,Foxtech,supreme,1660 propeller,Compound core
  6. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(17x5.8) V2
    Foxtech,carbon fiber,high efficiency,multirotor,Foxtech,supreme,1758 propeller,Compound core
  7. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(18x6.5)
    Foxtech,carbon fiber,high efficiency,multirotor,Foxtech,supreme,1865 propeller,Compound core
  8. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(22x8.0)
    Supreme 2280 propeller weights only 56g, it is an ideal match with Foxtech 8108,T-Motor U8 series motors and other brushless motors in the market with same mounting pattern to offer heavy load ability and long flight time, good for Tarot X4, Foxtech F1000 etc multirotor copters.
  9. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(24x9.0)

    Supreme 2490 propeller weights only 86g;It gives incredible power and efficiency to use with Foxtech 8108 KV100 or T-motor U8 (Pro) K100 at 12S power supply,also good for other brushless motors in the market with same mounting pattern for heavy load ability and long flight time.

  10. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller 2880T

    The Supreme 2880T Prop are specifically designed for heavy duty multicotpers. Well balanced, polished and reinforced, Supreme carbon fiber propellers guarantee very little deformation even with very high load.

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