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    EH640AC/EH640C is a 1080P/4K resolution, dual-sensor 30x optical/14x zoom thermal camera with 3-axis gimbal, which includes a temperature measuring sensor that allows four points’ temperature ranging between -20℃~800℃ to be measured and displayed on screen. IR, thermal camera 8x digital zoom, high stability, ±0.008° accuracy, ethernet output, fast assembly, electronic fog penetrate, optical fog penetration, open SDK, object tracking, powerline inspection, body temperature scanning, fire source detection, rescue, HD video, temperature measure

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  2. $3,618.00
    Foxtech EH30 Series 2/5/12 Megapixels Starlight Camera feature 30x-35x optical zoom with 3-axis gimbal, which support 720P/1080P HD video output with Ethernet port and 1080P/4K HD video recorded in Max. 128GB micro SD card. Sbus control is also supported with an OSD module through Wincc. There are two versions to choose from: 0.001lux starlight EH30T, and 0.1lux dark grade/low light EH30GT. UV filter, CMOS 1/1.8″ large image sensor, 3-axis high-precision, ±0.008° accuracy, electronic and optical fog penetrate, target tracking, fast-assembly/quick-detach design, multi-platform mounting
  3. $7,139.00
    EH640L is a dual-sensor 1080P 30x optical zoom infrared night vision camera with 3-axis gimbal, which includes a 30x optical zoom camera and a IR laser night vision camera. With the IR laser night vision camera adding extra laser light to the white light camera, EH640L can zoom in and out and work perfectly well in a complete dark environment with its 0Lux minimum illumination. It is able to switch automatically from day mode to night mode when the surrounding lighting is suddenly dimmed.
  4. $5,399.00
    FH325 4K 25X Optical Zoom camera has 20.4 mega effective pixels,supports 25X optical autofocus, [email protected]/1080P25 video record and HDMI 1080P/60fps output for HD video transmission back to the ground. And FH325 supports max 256G SD card. FH325 features small size, compact structure and light weight,only 666g.
  5. $2,099.00
    FH318Z V2 is a high end HD zoom camera with accurate 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology, it offers great imgae quality throughout its full zooming range. With the FH318Z V2 zoom camera, your drone can see target over distance in circumstances eg. fire fighting, long range surveillance, power line inspection etc. The FH318Z V2 offers 1080p FULL HD 30fps video recording onboard and 1080p (we also have 720p version FH318)HDMI output for HD video transmission back to the ground.The high accuracy gimal offers 0.02 degree incredible precise control which really help to get a clear image zoomed in.Combined with camera's digital imaged stablization, you can get very good image just like you are near by.The gimbal has variable travel speed control over RC, so you can change the moving speed of the gimbal depending on situations.FH318Z V2 offers both AV and HDMI output ,so you can choose to use traditional 5.8G video link or HD video link like lightbridge, Connex or Insight.
  6. $4,874.00
    FH336 V2 is a geotagging 1080P 0.0002lux starlight 36x optical zoom 3-axis gimbal camera with powerful night vision capability. It provides 1080P/60fps HDMI video output and supports Max.128G SD card.
  7. $936.00
    FH310Z consists of a 1080p 10X optical zoom camera and a accurate 3-axis gimbal. This FH310Z offers 1080P HDMI output for HD video transmission back to the ground. And the zooming function makes it possible to see objects in detail over distance. festival sale.
  8. $15,249.00
    SEEKER-30 TIR is a 3-axis high precision gimbal with 30X starlight zoom camera and infrared camera. SEEKER-30 TIR has Standard version and Temperature Measuring version.
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    FH310IR-TR is a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with a 10X optical zoom and thermal camera. And FH310IR-TR has HDMI Output version and Ethernet Output version.
  10. $5,399.00
    FH230 TR is a 2-axis high precision gimbal with a 30X zoom camera. This gimbal can be mounted on VTOL airplanes or other UAVs for applications like inspection, surveillance, search and rescue.

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