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GAIA 160AG-Agricultural Hexacopter Frame

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GAIA 160-AG is released! This GAIA 160-AG is a high performance aircraft capable of offering comprehensive solutions for agricultural care. GAIA 160 series hexacopter is made of carbon fiber material which features light weight and high strength, the top cover of the fuselage and the tank are made of glass fiber. The arm of GAIA160 series hexacopter is pluggable, both the cover and arms can be locked with the quick locking hooks. 

The big fuselage of GAIA 160-AG makes it possible to install many equipments eg. battery, Gps, flight control system. And all the wires are built into the fuselage. The closed fuselage structure can protect the GAIA 160 series hexacopter from the rain and dust, and also protect other load equipments. 

This GAIA 160-AG is equipped with a 2.8 meter long tube with four nozzles. The new water-saving nozzles could save the pesticide and improve the efficiency of spraying at the same time. This GAIA 160-AG has a grid pesticide container which can prevent the liquids sloshing in the flight. The capacity of pesticide tank is 22.5L, so do not need to add pesticide frequently. The propeller vortex can help the GAIA 160-AG evenly spraying the pesticide on the front and back of the plant leaves.

The GAIA 160-AG is equipped with powerful motor and high efficiency 30 inch folding propeller, the max lift of one rotor can reach 13kg. The total thrust is over 70kg. The GAIA 160-AG supports both manual and automatic flight, it can achieve automatic spraying by the planned flight paths. The motor and ESC use the water-resistant design, and can be applied in different weather conditions. Because of the large liquids load the efficiency of GAIA 160-AG is twice as much as other aircraft with 10L payload.

The strong body can be equipped with various of equipments, so GAIA 160 also can be applied in many other fields: emergency rescue,reconnaissance mission,remote sensing surveyand mapping etc.

Version Upgrade: The legs are lengthened to provide more space for installation of various spraying equipment.




Version: Agricultural Aircraft
Max Take-off Weight: 46.5kg
No-load Weight: 24kg
Load pesticides: 22.5L
Flying time: 18min(4x6s 16000mah)
The altitude of spraying: 1-5m
Spraying swath: >5m
Spraying speed: 2-6m/s
Operation efficiency: 10ha/h(max)



- Closed fuselage structure,rain resistance,large capacity
- High strength, durable
- Convenient operation,easy maintenance
- Powerful and high efficiency power system
- Heavy load, more stable flight



- Power System: Foxtech 8120 100KV FOC ESC HV Combo
- Propeller: 3010 Carbon Fiber Propeller/Foxtech Supreme C/F 3010T propeller/Foxtech Supreme C/F3010F Propeller
- PDB: EFT V3 High Current Power Distribution Board
- Battery: Foxtech 6s 16000mah lipo battery
- Flight Controller: DJI A3/DJI N3/DJI A2 flight controller
- Remote Controller: DA16 16-Channel Radio Controller/DJI Lightbridge 2/Futaba 14SG Radio Controller


Your Purchase Includes:

-1 x GAIA 160-AG hexacopter frame
-1 x 2.8 meter long carbon tube
-1 x Water tube
-4 x Nozzles
-1 x Pump and controller

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Customer Reviews

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agricultural spraying drone Review by Darren
ordered one frame and equipped with my own power system, really a high efficiency spraying drone with a 23L tank. (Posted on 4/4/2018)
gaia 160 frame Review by Clark
received this agricultrual drone last week, all in good conditions, the frame is so duarable and with good looking, it is also convenient for storage and transportation because of the detachable arms, i also ordered the 3010prop and xrotor 8120 power system as suggested. all work well, the tank is 23L and it is enough for pesticide.I absolutely satisfied. (Posted on 7/1/2017)
GAIA 160-AG Review by Herman
ordered last week, the same as described,the gaia 160 has a good appearance and the frame is durable, it flys very stable, and the spraying system is also great, the tank is about 23L and this is enough. (Posted on 6/14/2017)
gaia 160-ag frame Review by Asa
good agricultural drone with high performance, the tank is big enough and could load 23L pesticide, also it is really stable in the flight with so heavy pesticide. (Posted on 6/14/2017)

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