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GAIA 160MP-Heavy Lift Drone Frame

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GAIA 160MP is a multipurpose heavy-lift platform. GAIA 160MP Heavy Lift hexacopter is sturdy and has very good stability. GAIA 160MP is made of carbon fiber material which features lightweight and high strength, and only the cover is made of glass fiber. The arm of GAIA 160MP is pluggable, it can be locked with the quick locking hooks. This detachable design makes it easy to transport and quick to set up. GAIA 160MP heavy-lift drone is equipped with powerful motors and high efficient 30-inch propellers to ensure long flight time, this heavy-lift drone is able to carry a lot more weight than your typical quadcopter. GAIA 160MP is equipped with dual folding landing gear system, it has enough space between the center board and the ground. So this strong body can be equipped with many equipment, like searchlights and cargo delivery box, and can be applied in fields like reconnaissance mission, emergency rescue etc. Besides this, GAIA 160MP also can be used for professional filming and aerial photography, this GAIA 160MP can load with DJI Ronin 2 gimbal, which is compatible with many mainstream DSLR and professional cameras with cinema grade glass, like RED Dragon, Canon C300 and Sony FS7 etc. The motor and ESC adopt the water-resistant design, and can be applied in different weather conditions. Also the closed fuselage structure can protect GAIA 160-MP from rain and dust, and also make it easy to care for.

Note: The default version of landing gear is 40cm length, please email to [email protected] for customization of 50cm landing gear version.

Note: For our valued customers from Jordan interested in purchasing our drones, please kindly contact our distributor directly at [email protected]. We appreciate your understanding and thank you immensely for considering our products.



Version: Multipurpose heavy-lift drone
Wheelbase: 1620mm
Frame Weight: 5.8kg(with landing gear)
Take-off Weight: ≥48kg
Max flying Speed: 10m/s
Max Lifting Speed: 5m/s
Max Descent Speed: 4m/s
Max Angle of Inclination: 45°
Suggested Flight Altitude: ≤500m
Working Temperature: -10 ~ +55 ℃
Hover Precision: Vertical Direction ±0.5m, Horizontal Direction:±1.5 m



- Closed fuselage structure,high strength,rain resistance
- Large load space,more stable flight
- Long flight time
- Powerful and high efficiency power system
- Convenient operation,easy maintenance


Your Purchase Includes:

NO FC Combo:

-1 x GAIA 160MP hexacopter frame
-1 x Dual Landing Gear



- Flight Controller: DJI N3/DJI A3
- 4x Battery: Foxtech Diamond 6S  Semi-solid State Lipo Battery / TATTU 22.8V 6S 10C High Voltage Lipo Battery
- Remote Controller: DJI Lightbridge 2/Futaba 14SG Radio Controller
- PDB: EFT V3 High Current Power Distribution Board
- Gimbal: Ronin-MX
- Motor and ESC: Foxtech 8120 100KV FOC ESC HV Combo


Notice: the appointed delivery methods is EMS only, please contact:[email protected] or customer online service about the freight difference with other delivery methods.

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