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  1. GAIA 190MP-Heavy Lift Drone
    GAIA 190MP is a multipurpose heavy-lift platform which is very sturdy and features light weight, high strength and good stability. Compared with GAIA 160MP, GAIA 190MP arms are lengthened.
  2. DJI A3 PRO Flight Control-Free Shipping

    The A3 Pro is equipped with three IMUs and three GNSS units, with additional analytical redundancies for a total of six redundancies.
    Working together with advanced diagnostic algorithms, if the A3 Pro detects GNSS or IMU unit failure during flight, it seamlessly switches to another unit to maintain reliability and precision.

  3. T-MOTOR G34×11.5 Prop-2PCS/PAIR
    T-MOTOR G34×11.5 Propeller features excellent quality and high efficiency.

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