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Featured Products

  1. Beetle 250 Quadcopter Frame Carbon Fiber
    67.5% OFF

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $12.99

    Foxtech, Racing, 250,beetle, Multicopter, Frame,Quadcopter
  2. FOXTECH 2.4G 500mw transmitter
    FOXTECH,2.4G,500mw,transmitter,vtx,fpv,long range
  3. FH318Z V2 HD 18X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal- Free Shipping
    FH318Z V2 is a high end HD zoom camera with accurate 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology, it offers great imgae quality throughout its full zooming range. With the FH318Z V2 zoom camera, your drone can see target over distance in circumstances eg. fire fighting, long range surveillance, power line inspection etc. The FH318Z V2 offers 1080p FULL HD 30fps video recording onboard and 1080p (we also have 720p version FH318)HDMI output for HD video transmission back to the ground.The high accuracy gimal offers 0.02 degree incredible precise control which really help to get a clear image zoomed in.Combined with camera's digital imaged stablization, you can get very good image just like you are near by.The gimbal has variable travel speed control over RC, so you can change the moving speed of the gimbal depending on situations.FH318Z V2 offers both AV and HDMI output ,so you can choose to use traditional 5.8G video link or HD video link like lightbridge, Connex or Insight.
  4. SucceX-D 20A Whoop F4 Aii-in-one Board (MPU6000)
    SucceX-D 20A Whoop F4 AIO Board (MPU6000) flight controller and esc all in one for racing drone.
  5. DAL Q5040 4-Blade  Propeller
    DAL,5040,Propeller,racing drone,fast speed drone,racing quadcopter,4 blade,4-blade
  6. New TS832 5.8G 600mW 48 Channels AV Transmitter
    The TS832 is a 600mW transmitting a full range of 48 channels(includes Race Band) and uses 2 buttons to switch band and channels easily,perfect for a wide range of aircraft.
  7. SMA to SMB Adapter
    RP, SMA to SMB, adapter,foxtech, Antennas accessory
  8. 5040 3-Blades Rainbow Propeller CW/CCW
    plastic propeller,Foxtech,high efficiency,mini multirotor,fpv racing quadcopter,3-blade 5040
  9. TS5823 5.8G 200mw 32CH Super Mini VTX
    67.0% OFF

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $9.89

  10. 12AWG Silicon Cable Black 1m
  11. 1400Mhz low pass filter
    1400Mhz,low pass,filter,foxtech,fpv,1.2g,2.4g
  12. https://www.foxtechfpv.com/product/LIGHTNING210/L210-21.jpg
    Lightning 210 is a racing quadcopter,with all-in-one power system set-up and carbon fiber frame,It mainly features in the rear thruster equipped with Foxtech2205 2300KV motor and 5" propeller, which can boost the speed over110km/h and all-in-one power system built on board, this assembled kit simplifies the cabling and reduces time for soldering. Protection against impact by a carbon fiber shell amount on the side of the body.The buttom plate is made of Integrated design,which ensures wear and tear. It is very suitable for intermedaite player and Senior player.
  13. Tarot 140 FPV drone frame (TL140H2)
    70% OFF

    Regular Price: $41.00

    Special Price $12.30

    tarot 140 frame

  14. RCA male to male adaptor
  15. Tarot 7 degree Tilt Angle Mounting Seat for 2204 Motor(TL400H3)
    40.1% OFF

    Regular Price: $4.83

    Special Price $2.89

    Tarot,Motor Mounting Seat,Frame accessories,multicopter

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