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MYFLYDREAM Automatic Tracking Antenna V5 12CH

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V5 improves the software of teleflyosd, and removed some bugs comparing to V2

test video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjI3ODk5MTky.html

MFD AAT Manual V5.0 (english)
MFD ExtBoard Manual (english)

MFD AutoPilot Firmware V5.0

Softwares and Apps

MFD Firmware update program
USB-TTL Driver(for 32/64bit)

We just notice some of the audio encoders' wire seems to be incorrect ,please follow  the following pics.:

Your purchase includes:

1x AAT antenna pan/tilt , continuous rotation

1x AAT driver

1x GPS-Audio encoder, to be installed on the plane(TELEFLYOSD)

necessary cables and screws,

you also need a tripod to mount this AAT, you can find it at local store normally.

The complete unit contains everything you need to set up your complete MyFlyDream-Tracking system. The only thing you will need is an OSD with GPS unit or a single GPS  unit if you don´t want to use an OSD. The MyFlyDream Tracking system will work with almost every GPS that uses the NMEA standard.

The TeleFlyOSD  is connected to your GPS unit and transmits the GPS data to the ground via the audio channel of your AV transmitter. On the ground it is fed through the AAT (Automatic Antenna Tracker) to the MyFlyDream-Driver. The Driver handles the signal and controls the servos to turn the AAT.

What makes the MyFlyDream Tracking System so special:

- You don´t have to buy a certain OSD type to be able to track your plane. Instead you can simply use the OSD you like the most. Or even track your plane without an OSD. The new TeleFlyOSD offers the possibility to get an OSD for FREE, it is the same price as the TeleFlyLite (discontinued). You can use the OSD feature or just use the TeleFlyOSD the same way you did the TeleFlyLite... as an audio modem combined with your favorite OSD or without an OSD, it´s your choice.

- The high quality slipring provides endless rotation, meaning endless freedom, you will never  again temporarily loose your signal because the tracker has reached its maximum rotation angle and is turning over to the other side. The 12CH AAT Package includes a 12 channel slipring, so you have 7 spare channels where you can feed another signal through. You can use that for a second video channel and/or an extra audio channel.

- The built-in compass unit makes setting up the tracker on the flying field a breeze. No need to check the correct orientation by hand or walk around with your plane in hand, just put your MyFlyDream AAT on a tripod or other support, connect everything with a power source, wait for a proper GPS fix, push "Set Home" and FLY. It´s as simple as that.

-The TeleFlyOSD weighs only 8g and is very small (46x25x7mm) . It can be added to almost every setup easily even where the space is very sparse and weight is always an issue. It also offers basic OSD features like :

· Flying Time

· Virtual compass

· GPS status

  • Battery voltage (with extension board)

  • Current amperage (with extension board)

  • Home Arrow

  • Distance to Home

  • Height

  • Speed


For some of these features you will need the TeleFlyOSD-Extension Board.

Attention: This product adapts to most of the GPS modules,and it doesn't include a GPS module, you can use your own GPS or you can also purchase a 10hz GPS as shown in the installation Guide.

The biggest difference between 6CH and 12CH AAT is the 2 6pin plug from the AAT pan/tilt

Equipped with New gold Teleflyosd

The antenna communicates even with your cellphone by bluetooth, so you can monitor the plane status by this unique way

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