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  1. T-MOTOR T5146 2Pairs/Bag
    T-MOTOR T5146 racing propeller, durable and smooth.
  2. T-MOTOR T5143S 2Pairs/bag
    T-MOTOR T5143S propeller for freestyle and indoor racing, extremely smooth and durable, compatible with POPO.
  3. T-MOTOR T5147 2Pairs/Bag
    T-MOTOR T5147 is a top end racing propeller featuring high efficiency.
  4. 900M 12dBi High Gain Sucker Omnidirectional Antenna
    12dBi High Gain Sucker Omnidirectional Antenna
  5.  Goteck 9018(360°) Servo
    Goteck 9018(360°) Servo
  6. FrSky ARCHER M+ Receiver
    The ARCHER M+ receiver features its tiny form factor and new ACCESS protocol.
  7. SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S BLHeli_32 Dshot1200 ESC
    The SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S ESC is specially designed for FPV racing frames with slim arms.
  8. T-MOTOR F40 II
    T-MOTOR F40 II features light weight and good heat dispersion.
  9. T-MOTOR F1507
    T-MOTOR F1507 racing motor brings you ultimate smoothnes.
  10. 433MHz 28dBi High Gain Sucker Omnidirectional Antenna
    This is 433MHZ 28dbi pure copper omnidirectional antenna.
  11. TBS Crossfire Nano RX
    TBS Crossfire Nano Rx is a full range receiver with smallest for racing drone.
  12. Tarot ZYX-OSD Video Overlay System( TL300C)
    Tarot ZYX-OSD TL300C is a video overlay system with two-way video input for multicopter. With ZYX-OSD TL300C,some basic fight information can be superposed on the receiver, such as altitude, speed, attitude angle, battery voltage, the distance between aircraft and return point, control mode, return to home status and etc. You can obtain actual fight status in real time to ensure a safe and delightful journey.ZYX-OSD has two-way video input, you can change the video input sources by the radio. The PAL and NTSC video format can be identified automatically.ZYX-OSD also has data record function. The flight data could be stored in the MINI-SD card, with this you can do the data analysis, likes the black box function.When you use it for the first time, format the MINI-SD card to FAT32 format.
  13. T-MOTOR F40PRO Ⅳ
    T-MOTOR F40PRO Ⅳ light and durable racing motor kv1950 kv2400. f40 pro
  14. Foxtech FLP-915MHz Low-Pass Filter
    The 915MHz RFID low-pass filter, the performance index is far superior to other products using PCB bare board.
  15. FrSky R9 MM-OTA Receiver
    The 900MHz R9 MM-OTA receiver implements the ACCESS protocol and features improved performance.

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