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  1. T-MOTOR T5143S 2Pairs/bag
    T-MOTOR T5143S propeller for freestyle and indoor racing, extremely smooth and durable, compatible with POPO.
  2. T-MOTOR T5147 2Pairs/Bag
    T-MOTOR T5147 is a top end racing propeller featuring high efficiency.
  3. T-MOTOR T5146 2Pairs/Bag
    T-MOTOR T5146 racing propeller, durable and smooth.
  4. 900M 12dBi High Gain Sucker Omnidirectional Antenna
    12dBi High Gain Sucker Omnidirectional Antenna
  5.  Goteck 9018(360°) Servo
    Goteck 9018(360°) Servo
  6. FrSky ARCHER M+ Receiver
    The ARCHER M+ receiver features its tiny form factor and new ACCESS protocol.
  7. SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S BLHeli_32 Dshot1200 ESC
    The SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S ESC is specially designed for FPV racing frames with slim arms.
  8. T-MOTOR F1507
    T-MOTOR F1507 racing motor brings you ultimate smoothnes.
  9. T-MOTOR F40 II
    T-MOTOR F40 II features light weight and good heat dispersion.
  10. 433MHz 28dBi High Gain Sucker Omnidirectional Antenna
    This is 433MHZ 28dbi pure copper omnidirectional antenna.

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