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FOXTECH VHD-40 Video Transmission System-Free Shipping

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VHD-40 is a long range HD video transmission system. This video system features long transmission distance, great image quality and low latency. The Max video transmission distance is about 40km. VHD-40 video system supports 1[email protected] HDMI output and RJ45 Ethernet output.

VHD-40 also features low power consumption and small size, that can reduce outdoor battery consumption and increase battery life cycle. VHD-40 adopts the new generation of h.265 coding and compression standard, under the same code rate, the image quality is better and the details are richer than h.264. Under the same transmission power and quality, the transmission distance can be effectively increased compared to h.264.

By using VHD-40 video system, the video stream can be distributed via Ethernet and can be transmitted live on YouTube, Facebook, also can be observed through cellphone in real time.  The COFDM modulating demodulation technology and H.265 video image coding scheme effectively reduce the transmission pressure of wireless channel and increases transmission distance.



Transmitter: 90x65x32mm
Receiver: 170x85x40mm
Weight: 340g(Ground Unit);260g(Air Unit)
Power Consumption: [email protected](transmitter); [email protected](Receiver)
Transmission Distance: 15-40km(Max 40km)
Frequency: 1434MHz
Output Power: 1W

Delay: 300ms
Rx Sensitivity: -98dBm/5MHz
Input Interface: HDMI
Output Interface: HDMI, RJ45
Working Temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C
Resolution: [email protected] downward compatibility
Encoding: H.265
COFDM Modulation Mode: QPSK, QAM16, QAM64
AES128 Encryption 

Your Purchase Includes:

1x FOXTECH VHD-40 Video System Ground Unit
1x FOXTECH VHD-40 Video System Air Unit
1x Air Unit Antenna
2x Ground Unit Antenna
2x Power Cable
1x HDMI Cable

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