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High-Precision Landing System for Drones

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The latest precision landing system for UAV is released which adopts active vision mode, multi-sensor fusion technology and advanced flight control algorithm.The system has good stability, strong anti-interference ability. It is compatible with DJI A3/N3 flight controller only. The drone equipped with this system can realize the autonomous take-off and landing in a very small range. The landing accuracy is controlled within 10cm. The system is widely used in logistics, rescue and inspection. The use of this system makes it possible for UAV to realize unattended operation.


Landing accuracy: ≤ 10cm;
Radar measurement height: >50m;
Detection accuracy: ± 0.02m;
Max. Visual recognition height: 25m;
Working voltage: DC12V-28V;
System power consumption: 5-10W;
Weight: 300g(air unit); 380g(ground unit)
Size: 135x100x35mm(sky end),135x100x45mm(ground end )


-The landing accuracy is high, and the precision is controlled within 10cm.
-The ground end supports networking communication and supports multiple ground terminals.
-High stability, strong anti-interference ability, can work in an all-weather environment.

Your Purchase Includes:

1x Precision Landing System Air Unit
1x Precision Landing System Ground Unit

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