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Foxtech Portable Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer

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This handheld RF spectrum analyzer is used to test the spectrum distribution of the signal. The spectrum analyzer is very compact and portable. It has a built-in lithium battery, which could provide about 9 hours operation time. It can detect real-time spectrum, frequency chromatogram and spectrum thermal diagram within the frequency range 240MHz-960MHz or 10MHz-2.7GHz. The spectrum analyzer also can be used to test the power of the wireless device, check the surrounding interference frequency and the degree of the interference.


Frequency Range: 240MHz-960MHz/10MHz-2.7GHz
Amplitude accuracy: +-0.5dBm
Scanning time: 200ms
MAXHOLD function: Support
Adjustable reference level: Support
Display refresh frequency: 5Hz(refresh per second 5Screen)
Screen resolution: TFT 800x480
Screen size: 5inch
Radio frequency interface: SMA
Chromatogram: Support
Thermodynamic diagram: Support
Built-in RTC Clock: Support
Battery capacity: 3300mAh(typical)
Battery type: Panasonic 18650 lithium battery
Charging time: 4~5hour
Charging interface: Micro USB Interface
Battery life: 9 hours
Size: 135x101x30mm
Working temperature: -20~45degree
Storage temperature: -20~70degree
Signal measuring range: -105 ~ -10dBm


-Real time spectrum analysis function: real time spectrum scanning.SPAN/RBW/CENT/MARKER function, MAXHLOD function, maximum power automatic detection.
-Frequency chromatogram Function: showing the whole time and spectrum characteristics over a period of time; Cycleable recording of all spectral distributions within 5 minutes,in order to view problems such as frequency interference or emitting leakage.
-Spectrum thermal diagram function: display overlap density of spectrum contour in a period of time. The more repetitions, the redder the color, and it is easy to analyze spectrum statistical characteristics in a period of time.


Your Purchase Includes:

1x Portable Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer
1x Spectrum Analyzer Antenna
1x USB Cable
1x Charger
1x SMA-Male to SMA Female Adapter 

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