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  1. CUAV PW-LINK WIFI Digital Transmission Module
    This PW-Link is 2.4G wireless data transmission module, transmission distance is 450 meters. it features small size, long transmission distance, stable data, convenient connection.
  2. RFD900x Modem Bundle
    The Hex RFD900x Bundle datalink including two RFD 900x ultra long range radio modem, four antennas and an FTDI USB cable is perfect for all your UAV/FPV radio applications which supports more than 40km transmission range.
  3. CUAV P9 900MHZ Radio Telemetry Wireless Transmission Module
    P9 Radio is CUAV ultra-vision UAV data link communication module, which has high power, high speed in frequency hopping and high reception sensitivity. CUAV P9 Radio has a super long range, max distance is up to 60km. P9 Radio is ideal for applications in UAV communication system.
  4. DL900 Datalink
    DL900 Datalink is an industry-level high-performance communication equipment with wireless serial port featuring 45km transmission distance developed by AheadX.
  5. RB20 Signal Relay 902MHz-928MHz
    RB20 820MHz-845MHz,900MHz Signal Relay is designed to work with radio controller to achieve the long range requirements.
  6. Herelink V1.1 2.4GHz Long Range HD Video Transmission System
    Herelink V1.1 integrates video/data/radio control with 20 km transmission range and one additional Ethernet Interface on air unit to realize the control of gimbal, camera or other devices.
  7. DA16S+ Radio Controller with RB20 Signal Relay System
    DA16S+ Radio Controller equipped with RB20 signal relay can reach max 15-40km transmission range. The signal relay and remote control can be separated during the operation to protect the operator from the extreme hot or cold weather.
  8. VDC-22/VDC-55 Long-Range Video/Data Transmission System
    VDC-22 / VDC-55 is a long-range transmission system with video /data / SBus signal transmission all-in-one, which features handy, powerful and high integration.
  9. XLINK Long Range Data/Video Wireless Transmitting System
    XLink-30 is a point-to-point wireless data/video transmission system designed for industrial UAVs, ground robots and other data communication applications, featuring 30km long transmission distance. OFDM Technology, Wireless Mesh Network Transmission, Physical Layer Encryption Technology, Multipath Anti-interference Technology (2T&2R), 30km long range, 200ms low latency, videolink, datalink

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