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  1. FOXTECH GS03 Ground Control Station
    GS03 ground station is a compact and convenient solution for UAV, which can realize the function like radio control, data transmittion and video transmittion etc.
  2. T30 Series All-in-one Portable Ground Control Station
    T30 series is a portable and professional ground control station(GCS) with 10.1 inch HD and high-brightness touch screen display, integrating data link, video link, radio controller and PC system all in one.
  3. MX16 Series All-in-one Portable Ground Control Station
    MX16/mx16 pro is a portable and cost-effective ground control station with video link, data link, rc and android system all in one, featuring low latency, good anti-interference performance and long transmission range, the max transmission range is 30km.
  4. Foxtech GS-75U Dual-Screen Ground Control Station
    GS-75U is a compact and rugged ground control station designed for drone, which has an intuitive user interface and can realize drone control, long range video and data transmission.
  5. Foxtech GS03-PRO Industrial Ground Control Station
    GS03-PRO is a compact UAV ground control station featuring strong anti-interference performance and modular design, which can realize long range video and data transmission.
  6. GS-75U PRO Ground Control Station
    The GS-75U PRO GCS cutting-edge ground control station with a unique triple-screen/dual-screen setup, designed to revolutionize your UAV operations. gs75u