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FOXTECH Great Shark Max Hybrid 380 VTOL

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FOXTECH Great Shark Max Hybrid 380 VTOL featuring 3.8m wingspan is an industrial-grade hybrid flying platform designed for long duration and large payload demand missions. With a gasoline-powered engine the biggest drone can fly 2 hours even with Max.15kg payload and can fly 4 hours with 10kg payload. The 4 powerful VTOL motors make it possible to take off at high elevation.

Great Shark Max 380 VTOL featuring highly advanced aerodynamic design is made of Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber, which makes the drone light and durable. The quick-detach design also makes the big drone easy to assemble and convenient for storage.

The highlight of Great Shark Max VTOL is the gasoline-powered engine, which is a 2-cylinder, 2-stroke 120cc gasoline-powered engine featuring high output power, high fuel consumption efficiency and good stability, with a 26inch wooden propeller the cruising speed of the drone is 100km/h-130km/h, the stall speed is 23m/s. The Max. take-off weight is up to 50kg.

Great Shark Max 380 VTOL is equipped with LEO-2 industrial-grade flight control system, featuring high-end components, GPS and sensors, and many other fail-safe features such as stall speed detection and velocity checking, guaranteeing highly reliable operation. The internal 900MHz data link has a communication range up to 20km. LEO-2 has a built-in ppk module, with RTK base station it can realize centimeter-level precise positioning.

The ground control station is T30S , dual-screen handheld ground control station integrating data link, video link, rc and PC system all in one, which can realize  drone control, payload control, data and video transmission, route planning, real-time flight status feedback and other functions.

With large interior space, good loading capacity and long flight time Great Shark Max Hybrid 380 VTOL can be used in cargo transportation, long range inspection, oblique mapping and ground survey loading with gimbal cameras, infrared cameras or high defination heavy mappping cameras.



Version: GREAT SHARK Max Hybrid 380 VTOL
Wingspan: 3.8m
Length: 2.5m
Material: Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber
Engine: 120cc EFI DA120 (suitable for working at high altitude)
RTF Weight: 30kg(including battery but no fuel); 21kg(no battery no fuel)
Suggested Max. Take-off Weight: 50kg

2h Endurance(15kg payload and 6L Fuel)
4h Endurance(10kg payload and 12L Fuel)
Average cruising speed: 100km/h~130km/h
Stall Speed: 23m/s
Wind Resistance: 12m/s
Max Take-off Altitude: 4000m
Fuel Tank: 12L
Take-off/Landing: VTOL
Working Temperature: -10℃ to +40℃
Carrying Case: 1850*840*830mm


Your Purchase Includes: 

LEO-2 RTF Combo:

1x Foxtech Great Shark Max Hybrid 380 VTOL Inverted V-Tail Frame
1x 120cc EFI DA120 Engine
1x 24 inch wooden Propeller for Tail Motor
5x Servo
4x Motor for VTOL Mode
4x ESC for VTOL Mode
2x (pairs) 30 inch Propellers for VTOL Mode
1x LEO-2 Flight Control System with UBase
1x T30S dual-screen Handheld Ground Control Station(1.4G)
4x 7s 12000mAh Battery
1x Electric Fuel Pump
1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service


DA16S+ Radio Controller
FOXTECH 3DM V3 Oblique Camera for Mapping and Survey
FH230 TR 30X Optical Zoom Camera with 2-axis Gimbal


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