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  1. DA16S+ Radio Controller with RB20 Signal Relay System
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    DA16S+ Radio Controller equipped with RB20 signal relay can reach max 15-40km transmission range. The signal relay and remote control can be separated during the operation to protect the operator from the extreme hot or cold weather.
  2. Foxtech DA16+ 16-Channel Radio Controller
    DA16+ is 16-channel radio controller which supports all RC Models including fixedwings, helicopters, multirotors,etc. DA16 radio controller has datalink and radiolink built inside, and both the datalink and radiolink can reach a range of 5km.
  3. DA16S 16CH 2.4GHz Receiver
    16CH 2.4GHz receiver for 5km range DA16S radio controller.
  4. VD16 16-Channel Radio Controller(SD Version)
    VD16 highly integrated radio system supports radio control, datalink and video trasnsmission, the radio and data range is 10-20km, the video transmission distance-2km.
  5. Foxtech DA16S+ 16-Channel Radio Controller
    The DA16S+ is a new released 16-Channel radio controller the range of which is about 8km-10km.
  6. T12 12-Channel Radio Controller
    T12 is an integrated remote controller supports data, video transmission and remote control, transmission distance is about 30km, suitable for Fixedwing, multicopter,intelligent robot etc.
  7. DA16S+ 16CH 2.4GHz receiver
    This is DA16+ 16CH 2.4GHz receiver for DA16S+ radio controller, support 16-channel S.Bus and 9-channel PPM/PWM signal output.

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