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  1. 5G/5.8G High Gain 12dBi GRP Omnidirectional Antenna
    This is 5G/5.8G high gain 12dBi omnidirectional antenna, the antenna is enclosed with glass-fiber reinforced plastics, which will protect antenna against environmental conditions like rain, snow, wind and dirt etc.
  2. DA16S+ Radio Controller with RB20 Signal Relay System
    DA16S+ Radio Controller equipped with RB20 signal relay can reach max 15-40km transmission range. The signal relay and remote control can be separated during the operation to protect the operator from the extreme hot or cold weather.
  3. T12 12-Channel Radio Controller
    T12 is an integrated remote controller supports data, video transmission and remote control, transmission distance is about 30km, suitable for Fixedwing, multicopter,intelligent robot etc.
  4. Futaba 14SG Radio Controller
    Futaba, 14SG, radio controller, Helicopter, Multirotor, FASST, 14 Channel
  5. DA16 16CH 2.4GHz Receiver
    16CH 2.4GHz receiver for 5km range DA16 radio controller.
  6. VD16 16-Channel Radio Controller(SD Version)
    VD16 highly integrated radio system supports radio control, datalink and video trasnsmission, the radio and data range is 10-20km, the video transmission distance-2km.
  7. Taranis X-Lite Pro Radio Controller
    Taranis x-lite pro radio rontroller remote controller for racing drone.

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