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  1. VD16-E 16-Channel Radio Controller
    VD16-E is a highly integrated radio system which has datalink,videolink and rc built inside, and the standard range of datalink and rc is 10-20km, the videolink-5km.
  2. Frsky Horus X12S GPS Module Transmitter
    The FrSky Horus X12S 2.4GHz ACCST Radio. An advanced digital telemetry 2.4GHz frequency hopping radio system for RC models.
  3. Futaba 14SG Radio Controller
    Futaba, 14SG, radio controller, Helicopter, Multirotor, FASST, 14 Channel
  4. Futaba 18SZ 2.4Ghz Radio Controller
    FUTABA,receiver,radio receiver,R7008SB,2.4Ghz,18SZ,RC,remote controller
  5. DJI Lightbridge 2(Free Shipping)
    DJI, lightbridge 2,2.4G,video transmitter,HDMI
  6. 5G/5.8G High Gain 12dBi GRP Omnidirectional Antenna
    This is 5G/5.8G high gain 12dBi omnidirectional antenna, the antenna is enclosed with glass-fiber reinforced plastics, which will protect antenna against environmental conditions like rain, snow, wind and dirt etc.
  7. Foxtech DA16 16-Channel Radio Controller
    DA16 is 16-channel radio controller which supports all RC Models including fixedwings, helicopters, multirotors,etc. DA16 radio controller has datalink and radiolink built inside, and both the datalink and radiolink can reach a range of 5km.
  8. Foxtech 840~915MHz 7dBi Omni-directional Magnetic Base Antenna
    840~915MHz 7dBi Antenna is a high gain antenna designed for UAV applications.The Antenna is made from the stainless spring, and the antenna features good flexibility and anti-aging performance.
  9. DA16 16CH 2.4GHz Receiver
    16CH 2.4GHz receiver for 5km range DA16 radio controller.
  10. 1450MHz High Gain 11dBi GRP Omnidirectional Antenna(2 Segments)
    This is 1450MHz(1.4g antenna) high gain 11dBi omnidirectional antenna for long range transmission.

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